The Great PEAK Check-In Contest Winner!!!

Scooter is our Great PEAK Check-In Contest Winner! Scooter was the winner of our last check-in contest! Scooter is no stranger around PEAK, and known to take multiple sessions in a day! We asked him a few questions and wanted to share his responses! Great job Scooter!


How have you kept motivated since our last challenge, especially with the winter months ahead?

The support and community at Peak has been great. Guys like Chris B., Ideen and the encouragement of the trainers have made it a lot more fun to take the earlier classes, and multiple ones at that.

Have you noticed any changes in your fitness level since starting at PEAK?

Absolutely. I feel stronger and faster from when I started, even from just a few months ago.

Are your favorite exercises still Arnold and squats?

I've seen a noticeable difference in sprints and some other exercises on the cardio side, so I'd say lately I've been enjoying those.

Have spider walks grown on you yet?

Hahaha. NOPE.

What advice would you give a new PEAK member joining in the new year?

I still feel like it's all in the schedule, what times consistently work for you where you can just show up and do work. After that, you're just competing with yourself.

Do you plan on winning every PEAK contest we hold?

Hahaha.  There's no way I can truthfully answer that.  Showing up and doing better than I did last time will be the motivating factor as to whether I do or not.