Scale: Friend or Foe?

You're PEAKing regularly. You're eating nutritious foods. You're drinking plenty of water and making other healthy lifestyle choices. You wake up feeling great about yourself, until you step on the scale and see you weigh 0.6lbs more than you weighed yesterday. You think, "What am I doing wrong?" Nothing. Well, okay, something. You're relying exclusively on the scale and ignoring non-weight indicators of your health and fitness gains.

An article by Lauren Conrad has some great tips on How to Measure Your Fitness Goals Without Stepping on the Scale
1. Take progress photos.
2. Be mindful of how a particular article of clothing fits over time.
3. Track your workouts. (Your PEAK class summaries should be particularly helpful on this point!)
4. Note changes in your energy levels.
5. Track strength and endurance gains. (Are you using heavier weights for the same number of reps? Do you have to work harder than before to get your heart rate up?)   

So, if the scale is causing you stress, step off and, instead, start snapping some selfies, reviewing your class summaries, and trying heavier weights or faster speeds at PEAK!