Resolution Check-in

Two months into the year means it's time to check in on those resolutions.  Have you been meeting or exceeding your goals?  Great job! Keep up the hard work.  It's not easy to make a lasting change, but your goal to workout more or your resolution to eat better is making you a healthier person one day at a time.
If you haven't quite reached where you want to be, DONT GIVE UP!! Take encouragement from PEAK member Casey.
"I began regularly attending PEAK workouts in early November and since then I have lost 20 lbs.! I would not have been able to have these results without the help and encouragement of the trainers and members of Team PEAK."
"Because of the trainers at PEAK I have learned countless new strength training exercises and have learned how to do them the correct way to prevent injuries. Not only have I seen results physically but I feel much better as well. I have more energy and am much happier :)!"

Keep pushing to reach your PEAK!