The Great PEAK Check-In Contest Random Winner - Marianna!

Marianna was one of two of the random winners of the Great PEAK Check-In Contest!  We asked her some questions, and her answers are below!  When you see Marianna, give her a big high-five!

What do you love most about PEAK?

I love that every time is at least a little different. I've never been good at 'going to the gym' because I get bored easily, so I love the variety. Also it's blocks from my house so I never have a good excuse to skip class.

What's your favorite PEAK exercise/least favorite?

Favorite - incline chest press.
Least favorite - plank rows. Balancing on the dumbbells hurts my hands. Haha.

Have you noticed any changes/improvements in your workout since #PEAKBaltimore check-in contest started?

Yeah. I was going way more often than normal and definitely noticed a difference in my arms - and was able to up my usual weights for a few exercises!

What tips would you give someone who is new to PEAK?

Keep coming back. The first few workouts can seem overwhelming, but you'll get stronger and more confident each time - and notice/feel a difference sooner than you might expect.
Push yourself - I found that when I started trying to push myself I did better than expected. Sure, sometimes you'll have to switch back to the lower weight or a slower speed, but other times you'll surprise yourself, and it's really satisfying.
Don't be embarrassed to do your own thing. I do pushups on my knees. Sometimes I still have to clarify about correct form, modify exercises, or have to go back to the rack to get a different set of weights. No one cares. As long as you feel good about your workout, you're doing fine.