Exercise Those Allergies Away!

        Now that spring temperatures are finally warming the air, we know all the pollen will be filling the air too! Here is a great article to read as a helpful reminder on how beneficial exercise can be as it can actually relieve allergy symptoms (see URL). Dr. Liz Salada is an Internal Medicine Practitioner and has her own practice in San Diego, CA. Her article verifies that when doing a low impact exercise we improve blood flow and reduce inflammation. The inflammation that comes from those pesky pollen balls that we cant help but breathe in! (Don't we all just love pollen?) She also gives great helpful tips to make breathing easier when you are exercising with allergies. Tips like, taking an antihistamine or nasal spray before working out, stay indoors when pollen count is high, and try exercising in the water for cleansing the sinuses while being gentle on the lungs. She reminds us how important it is to keep exercising the heart and lungs, while being cautious to not over work them. As overworking can make it more difficult to breathe and in turn, inflame our muscles (and sinuses) once again! So remember, gentle breathing, low impact exercise and clear environments are key. Breathe happily and exercise freely, Peaking Friends! Happy Spring to all.