Meet Scooter, Our #PEAKEarly Winner!

Tim Scooter won our #PEAKEarly Facebook Check-In Contest that occurred in the month of August, with an impressive number of check-ins!  We decided to pick his brain to learn more about his workouts during #PEAKEarly.

 - Do you normally work out in the morning?

I try to work out in the morning as much as possible. It fits well with my schedule as a bartender, being that I work most nights. 

- Whats your favorite reason to work out in the morning?

I feel more motivated in the morning, and on days off I like to get a workout in before I get too bogged down on errands and catching up.

- Whats your favorite PEAK exercise/least favorite?

I'd have to say my favorite PEAK exercise(s) would be Arnold's and the different variations of squats. I've ignored legs too much before I joined PEAK. 

Least favorite, Spider Walks, by a landslide. Chris Brida and I probably share the same passion. 

- Have you noticed any changes/improvements in your workout since #PEAKEarly started?

As for changes since joining, I sleep better for one! But I feel like I'm getting a more rounded workout. My cardio capacity has definitely benefited as well.

- What tips would you give someone who wanted to begin working out in the AM?

As far as tips to others-don't skip the stretch or warm up beforehand! And what worked for me the best was the fact that I incorporated the am workout in with my daily life routine. Wake up just a little earlier, and give yourself time to shake yourself awake.