How to Goblet Squat with Proper Form

A Goblet squat is a fundamental kettlebell exercise that should be part of every strength training routine.  When it comes to strength training, proper form trumps heavy weight and the Goblet Squat is no exception.  Proper form not only prevents injury, but ensures you’re calling to action the muscles you want to be working and getting the max benefit from every move you make.  

During this squat, the participant holds a heavy kettlebell at chest height throughout the movement.  The kettlebell helps keep the shoulders and hips aligned while performing the squat, making it less difficult than a barbell back squat.  It not only uses the muscles in your legs (quads, glutes, hamstrings) but also your back to give the participant the long, lean look they are striving for.  Start incorporating Goblet Squats into your strength training regiment and enjoy the results!