Workout Buddy!!

We all sometimes struggle with going to the gym, but a recent article in Men’s Fitness highlights the advantages to working out with a buddy!  The article discusses six main reasons for working out with a friend: motivation, fun workouts, working out harder, cheaper workouts, workout assistance and healthier friends!  

Having a friend come to workout with you is great motivation, and to make it easier to get your friends to join you at PEAK, we have recently started a refer-a-friend promotion!  If you are an existing member, you can bring a new friend to PEAK and you will get $20 off your next month’s membership!   So the more friends you bring, the more money you’ll have leftover for happy hour later!

Here are some ways to be accountable with friends:

  • Walk or carpool together to PEAK
  • Talk on Sunday and schedule your classes together for the week

  • Make plans for after your session (dinner, grab a juice or coffee,or just time to chat)

  • Text each other before class as a reminder and motivator

  • Make a friendly bet: whether it’s who rows the fastest, has the most reps or weight/inches lost