Easy and Healthy Meal Ideas!

To get the most impact from your PEAK workouts, it’s important that a healthy diet is incorporated in your daily routine. As the temperature drops it’s easy to get caught up with rich soups, fancy pumpkin lattes and heavy beers. But we don’t believe you should cut out all that you love! Just make a few adjustments so you can still have room for treats! Below some ideas that can help you make your meals in advance and get you through your week:

Overnight Oats- perhaps you’ve seen these on Pinterest in adorable mason jars and quickly scrolled by or pinned them never to be seen again, but they really are a great morning staple. The great thing about overnight oats (besides that they can be made the night before) is that you cut out added sugars and artificial flavors and there are a zillion ideas out there to keep you from getting in an overnight oats rut.

Spiralized Anything- If you have a spiralizer, you know the easy way you can sub zucchini for noodles in soups, pasta dishes, and salads. If you don’t let me change your life (too much?). You can use a spiralizer machine or julienne cutter to make pasta like noodles out of vegetables. I like to keep some on hand, add your favorite sauce, some turkey meatballs and you’re good to go.

Pull out that Crockpot- Make these meals the night before and just plug it in before you go to work (Very important to plug it in AND turn it on. Learned this the hard way.)  There are lighter versions of soups, dips, casseroles that you can have the moment after you walk in the door. One of my favorite things to do is slow cook chicken, pork or beef during the day, shred it when I get home and then make taco salads!  The leftover meat can be used for lunches for the rest of the week.  

The most important aspect of eating healthy is to plan ahead of time. Whether it’s prepping and making your meals, or looking at the menu before you get to the restaurant.  Look at your upcoming week, check out the days that are busiest for you and carve out an hour or two to go to the supermarket and prep your meals for the week.  It’s much harder to call out for delivery or pick up something on your way home, when you know that you have a delicious meal at home waiting for you!