Benefits of Interval Training

Most people that exercise have heard of interval training, but few incorporate interval training into their exercise routine.  Whether you are an avid runner, weight lifter or somewhere in between, bouts of high intensity interval training (HIIT) will take your exercise routine to the next level both mentally and physically.

Interval training has been an integral part of athletic training programs for many years because a variety of sport and recreational activities require short bursts of movement at high intensities.  But athletes aren’t the only ones that can benefit from interval training. Interval training has become an increasingly recognized and well-liked method of training. The incorporation of interval training into a general conditioning program will optimize the development of cardiorespiratory fitness (this occurs when exercise increases  the amount of oxygen that is inhaled and distributed to body tissue) as well as numerous other health benefits:


Along with the physical benefits, interval training has many mental benefits.  Boredom is the enemy. Varying the intensity of your exercises will remove the monotony from your workouts. Not only will your fitness program go by faster, but you won’t experience the drudgery that can come from doing the same routine every day.  Along with eliminating boredom, adding bouts of high intensity interval training will get you results.  As your body starts to change and results become visible, your motivation will grow!  Come check out a PEAK training session (first one is FREE) and see what interval training is all about!