HIIT vs regular cardio and your health!

Do you want to work out and better your health but don't have the time to workout for 2-3 hours? Researchers recruited 16 young sedentary males with an average of 21 to test the difference between standard endurance training and HIIT Training over six weeks. Half of the participants did six of endurance training including 40-60 minutes of cycling five times per week. The other half did HIIT workouts including four to six repeated 30 seconds sprints on bikes with 4.5 minutes of low-intensity cycling, only three times per week. 

Researchers took muscle biopsies before and after participants completed 60 minutes of cycling.

It turns out that both forms of exercise  five hours of endurance training and just 90 minutes of HIIT helped reduce aortic stiffness (which affects how quickly blood travels through the arteries) and increase whole body insulin sensitivity (how efficient the body is at processing glucose). This shows that Endurance Training and HIIT Training both equally helped decrease the risk of heart disease, hypertension and diabetes. The only difference is that participants who did the endurance training did 5 hours of work while the participants who did HIIT training only did 90 minutes.

For more information: http://greatist.com/fitness/high-intensity-interval-training-020513